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Battle of BoC: Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

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Which burger place deserves to receive Battle of California's official endorsement?

This was in the Battle of California image archives tagged "Dustin Penner."
This was in the Battle of California image archives tagged "Dustin Penner."

Recently, Rudy and I were having a discussion via text message (Rudy's comments are in light green/yellow):


After I finished high-fiving myself, I started thinking: which of those two burger places is better?

And so I bring the question to you, the Battle of California readers: which is better? In-N-Out, representing the West Coast, or Five Guys, the Eastern franchise spreading West? We're going to settle the debate here and now, and determine the official burger place of BoC.

What else are we going to do while we're all waiting for the Bruins to win the Cup?

To make your choice, I have identified the three main points in favor of each of the two options, as I see them:

Five Guys




1. More Options

Five Guys lets you customize your burger with free toppings, including bacon, bbq sauce, and a bunch of other crazy junk.

2. Free Peanuts

This is admittedly pretty weird, but Five Guys offers free self-serve peanuts. I don't usually eat more than one or two when I go there, but if you've got some major objection to free peanuts then this article isn't for you, Mr. Hitler D. Rockefeller.

3. Better Fries

Five Guys' fries are bigger and tastier, you get more of them in an order, and you can get them spicy-style.





1. Cheaper

You'll probably spend about half as much as you would spend at Five Guys for a meal. You might not get as much food at In-N-Out, but how much food do you really need, you big fat monster?

2. Milkshakes

These are damn good, and Five Guys doesn't even try to compete.

3. California

Things from California are almost always better than things that aren't from California.


Vote in the poll below, and make your voice heard. Defend your choice in the comments, and suggest what we should take votes on for the next Battle of BoC!

It's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOONG summer, folks.