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Lesser Halls of Fame

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Scott Niedermayer was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday, but there's a whole bunch of shitty Halls of Fame that he was not included in. Here are a few of them.

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To absolutely no one's surprise, Scott Niedermayer was deservedly inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday, July 9th. While it was expected by everyone, it was nice to have it made official. Niedermayer joins Jari Kurri and Adam Oates as the third Duck inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Niedermayer's induction made me think about other Halls of Fame there must be out there. We all celebrate the Hockey Hall of Fame because hockey, of course, is one of the few things in life worth enjoying anymore in this dystopic shithole of a world. But certainly there are other, less-celebrated Halls of Fame out there?

Here's some that I could find...

Gospel Music Hall of Fame


With the exception of Earl Sleek's church choir, Gospel music is terrible and every artist inducted in this hall of fame is unarguably awful. There's no way Gospel as a genre deserves any sort of awards or praise and there's not a single artist to come from the genre that has received any level of "fame." This hall is a sham.

Alabama Hall of Fame


The Alabama Hall of Fame was founded in 1951 to honor "worthy citizens of the state who rendered outstanding service or who won fame on account of their achievements as to make them exceptional in the history of Alabama". But as it turns out, the history of Alabama is pretty fucking embarrassing. In 1990, the state finally abandoned the Hall of Fame, recognizing that no one will ever give a shit about Alabama and that no good ever came out of the region anyway.

Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame



Insurance Hall of Fame


How much do you like your insurance agent? Well, if your agent isn't one of more than 100 inductees in the presumably prestigious Insurance Hall of Fame, your agent is shit and you should change companies immediately.

Robot Hall of Fame


Actually, ok... this is pretty awesome. Both R2-D2 and the Roomba are inductees. I'm sold, Robot HoF.

So congratulations, Niedermayer, on your induction into a Hall of Fame that actually matters. As your body decays and we replace your deteriorating human parts with steel and circuitry to keep you running, slowly turning you into a hockey-playing futuristic cyborg, here's to you one day being inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame, the second HoF to actually matter.