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Anaheim vs. San Jose vs. Los Angeles: BoC 2013-14 Schedule

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Every game in which two California teams will meet in the 2013-14 regular season.

It's a Royal Sharuck
It's a Royal Sharuck
Earl Sleek

The NHL released the 2013-14 schedule earlier today, but since you're too lazy to review it for yourself I went ahead and made you this handy guide to all Battle of California games for the coming regular season.

Date Visitor Home Time (PT) TV Network
10/30/2013 Sharks Kings 7:30 PM
11/27/2013 Kings Sharks 7:30 PM
11/30/2013 Ducks Sharks 7:30 PM
12/3/2013 Kings Ducks 7:00 PM
12/19/2013 Sharks Kings 7:30 PM
12/29/2013 Ducks Sharks 7:30 PM
12/31/2013 Sharks Ducks 5:00 PM
1/23/2014 Kings Ducks 7:00 PM
1/25/2014 Ducks Kings 6:30 PM CBC, NBCSN
1/27/2014 Kings Sharks 7:00 PM NBCSN
3/15/2014 Ducks Kings 7:30 PM
3/20/2014 Ducks Sharks 7:30 PM
4/3/2014 Kings Sharks 7:30 PM NBCSN
4/9/2014 Sharks Ducks 7:30 PM NBCSN
4/12/2014 Ducks Kings 7:30 PM

Go Ducks.