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How Patrick Marleau will spend the Olympic break

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It looks like Marleau won't be on Canada's Olympic team. So what will he do instead?

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Don't mind Patrick. He's just relaxing.
Don't mind Patrick. He's just relaxing.
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

This is Patrick Marleau:


Patrick plays for the San Jose Sharks, and is very good at hockey. He's also a family man:


In 2010, Patrick Marleau played on Canada's Olympic ice hockey team, and helped them win gold. But he wasn't among the 47 players invited to Team Canada's Olympic orientation camp this time.

Why not?


Patrick doesn't know. And Fear the Fin can't figure it out either:

I agree it's confusing. Isn't that right, Patrick?


But who cares, right? The Olympics are fun, but they aren't what really matters in the end. In fact, this might be for the best. Instead of playing hockey during the Olympic break, Marleau will get to rest up, relax, and focus on other things.

What kinds of other things? I'm glad you asked.


Don't worry about old Patty Marleau, folks. He's going to be just fine.