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Five Things We Learned from Anaheim Ducks Draft Pick Shea Theodore's Tweets

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I've creepily reviewed all of Ducks prospect Shea Theodore's Twitter posts and I would like to talk about them with you.

Shea Theodore's Twitter profile pic
Shea Theodore's Twitter profile pic

Back on draft day, you may recall that the Ducks picked defenceman Shea Theodore with their first pick (26th overall). We didn't touch on the draft here at Battle of California, because we're lazy. But now as the off-season is about to enter in to the dog days of August, there's really nothing else to write about. So let's revisit the draft, and let's take a look at Shea Theodore.

The best way to learn anything about anyone is to creepily look through everything they've ever said through social media. At the time of this writing, Theodore had roughly 800 tweets on his Twitter account @stheodore17. I skimmed through all of them, and am happy to report back the top five things I learned from the experience below.

Keep in mind that his first tweets date back to 2011, when Theodore would have been only 15 or 16 years old. It's really not fair to go through the ramblings of such a young kid and poke fun of them, as any 15 or 16 year old is going to say dumb things. I'm grateful that there's no real record of all the shit I was doing at 15, because that would be embarrassing as hell. Shit, I'm almost 30 and my Twitter feed still embarrasses me.

Anyway, knowing that it's not fair, let's do it anyway.

Here are five things we learn from Anaheim Ducks prospect Shea Theodore's tweets...

1. He might have underestimated Facebook.

2. He probably doesn't know how to do laundry.

3. His taste in comedies could be considered "questionable."

4. Being a teenager is hard.

5. Ahhhh Yeah