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The 5 Funniest Hockey Tweets of the Week: Sympathy for the Devils Edition

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Collecting the top attempts at hockey humor on Twitter for the week ending 8/11/13.

"I will now take Twitter questions, but please do not ask about my hair."
"I will now take Twitter questions, but please do not ask about my hair."
Kevin C. Cox

You all did a much better job being funny on Twitter this week than last week, thanks in part to some actual hockey events in the news for you people to make fun of. Between the Devils' money problems and the Gretzky Tradeversary, we all actually got to talk about some vaguely hockey-related stuff for a while during this interminable off-season!


Anytime Rudy is unhappy about something it makes me laugh.


Roberto Luongo accepted applications via Twitter to be in his Yahoo! fantasy football league, which is a sentence that would have been incomprehensible a couple of decades ago.


There was some solid comedy all around regarding the Devils' financial woes.


Winging It In Motown is probably the funniest of the official SB Nation Blog Twitter accounts. It WOULD be Battle of California but I use all my good jokes on my personal Twitter.

#1 - The Fake Dan Ellis Memorial Tweet of the Week!

Does it still count if in my dreams the other two people in the foursome were also Jarret Stoll?

Congratulations @LAKings for having the funniest hockey tweet of the week!

As always, if you see a funny hockey Tweet during the week and think it deserves a place in the top five, send it to me @MegalodonBOC .