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Offseason BoC Site Analytics: Hot Girls!

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Here's some advanced stats or whatever about the idiots visiting our site.


Sometimes it's fun to go under the hood of our website here and find out what really makes things tick. What's bringing the visitors in? What brings them crawling back for more? What's inside of the horrible minds of the terrible people who visit our site?

I was looking at all of this today, and decided it might be a fun idea to share it all with you. The offseason is long and news comes slowly, so what better way to pass the time than to bore you with site analytics?

Google Analytics can tell us all sorts of crazy things about our users (how they get here, what technology they use, how long they stay on the site or on particular pages, what pages are popular, etc), but some of the most fun information is found in the section detailing what search terms people enter in to Google and other search engines that lead them to Battle of California.

I narrowed down the analytics to just results from the beginning of the offseason until the time of this writing. Because I imagine that exploring search terms (and other Analytics data) might become "a thing" that I'll do when I have nothing better to write about, I decided to only focus on one reoccurring theme I noticed today while looking through the information, and maybe in the future I'll look at other themes and data. But for now, one thing is certain: You people sure like hot girls.

The table below shows what term people searched for, and how many people came to our site by searching that term:

Search Term Visitors
hot girl 612
hot girls 67
girl hot 11
hot+girl 8
hot girls 2013 6
hot girl 2013 5
hot girl pics 3
hottest girls 2013 3
girl+hot 2
hot girl tattoo 2
hottest girl 2
hut girl 2
2013 hot girl 1
2013 hot girl pic 1
california hot girls 1
girl hot 2013 1
girl job hot 1
girls hot picture 1
happy new year girls hot 1
hot babes and girls 1
hot girl images 1
hot girl new 1
hot girls in 2013 1
hot girl mit tattoo 1
hot girls tattoos 1
hot girls with tattoos 1
hot new girls 2013 1
hot tattoo girl 1
hot-girl 1
hot. girl 1
hot.girl 1
hot+girl 1
hotgirl 1
hottest sexy tattoo girls 1
new hot girl 1
pic hot girl 1
so hot girl 1
sooo hot girl 1
tattoo design hot girl 1

Out of 3,606 visitors for which we know what term was used to find our site, 750 people found it by some variation of "hot girl." That's roughly 20% of our search traffic. What's more, this excludes other similar themes, like "sexy girls," "hot asians," etc, which would have likely brought this up to over 60% of our search traffic.

Look, I did a Google search for "hot girl" to find out what the hell it is that comes up that would lead people to Battle of California. I didn't find shit, and I looked at more than one page of results. That means that hundreds of people are doing similar searches, and sticking with that search for like 10 pages until Battle of California finally comes up. That is dedication, but it's also stupid. If you don't know of a more efficient way to find attractive ladies on the internet in 2013, there's really no hope for you. But I guess that explains why you're here on Battle of California and not looking at hot girls now, doesn't it?

Of course, I've now exasperated the problem, because filling an entire article with these search terms will just raise the amount of hits we get for those searches.


Uh-oh, you've got to the end of this article, and not a single hot girl was included. Sucker.