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Matthew Lombardi Won't Return to Ducks, Signs with Swiss National League

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AN OUTRAGE! Maybe Jeremy Roenick has something to say about it.

One of Lombardi's seven games with the Ducks. Phot Credit
One of Lombardi's seven games with the Ducks. Phot Credit
Derek Leung

Okay, Twitter, what should I write about these days?

Well sure, Winging it in Motown, I can do that!

Actually, Jeremy Roenick and SBNation's James Pennington already wrote this for me in July.

So here are some thoughts on Matthew Lombardi, who played 7 games (with 0 points) for the Ducks after coming over to Anaheim from Phoenix at the trade deadline last season.

Remember, this has been adapted from the original.

Jeremy Roenick blasts [Matthew Lombardi] on Twitter

[Anaheim Ducks] forward [Matthew Lombardi] announced on Thursday he is retiring from the NHL and walking away from the final [0] years and $[0] on his contract to play in [Switzerland]. The announcement was stunning, but no one was more surprised and offended than Jeremy Roenick.

The former NHL superstar took to Twitter, as folks are often wont to do, to voice his opinion shortly after [Lombardi] made his announcement:


Thanks to Jeremy Roenick and James Pennington for writing this article for me.