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BoC Call to Action: Let’s Annoy Dustin Penner in a Live Chat

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Got anything else going on on Wednesday, August 7th at 1:00 PM Pacific? Of course you don't.

Of course. Photo credit
Of course. Photo credit
Josh Howard

On Wednesday (August 7th) at 1:00 PM Pacific, Dustin Penner will participate in a "live chat" (details to be announced at that time on the Anaheim Ducks twitter feed) to answer questions from fans.

In order to get Battle of California the recognition it deserves, let’s use the time between now and then come up with a dumb question or thirty to ask of him relentlessly. As Penner has played for both clubs, hopefully this is an activity that appeals to both Anaheim and Los Angeles fans and fuck San Jose.

I don’t really care how we organize this, maybe you guys can come up with some dumb ideas in the comments here and the ones that get the most rec’s are the ones we use? Maybe you can come up with some stupid hashtag for the exercise as well? BoC is your hockey humor, satire, and analysis site, friends, so you decide.

I’m empowering you, our idiot readers.

(Because I am way too lazy and uninterested to pull off some nonsense bullshit like this for you).