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The 5 Funniest Hockey Tweets of the Week: Training Camp Play-by-Play Edition

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Collecting the top attempts at hockey humor on Twitter for the week ending 9/15/13.

Yay people are paying attention to me!
Yay people are paying attention to me!
Dave Sandford

To review, the proper hierarchy goes like this:

Playoff Hockey > Regular Season Hockey > Pre-Season Hockey > Mutant League Hockey > Little Kids Playing Hockey at the Intermission of a Regular Season Game > EA Sports NHL 2014 >  Photographs of Players in Hockey Gear > A Really Good Sandwich > Training Camp Hockey.

Please adjust your  tweeting accordingly, everyone.

Here are the five funniest hockey-related tweets of the past week:


Rudy stumbled across this funny picture while doing research to update his 2013-2014 Handsome Hockey Player Rankings.


Recently there was an article/report in the world of political journalism that got a lot of attention. It was about how Twitter has ruined campaign reporting. Now, instead of allowing stories to develop and writing pieces of substance, reporters are settling for just tweeting every last detail as it happens. We end up with a lot of bits and pieces that don't really amount to anything.

Anyway I just thought that was a good article. Not really sure why I thought about it in response to this tweet.


Roberto Luongo's Twitter account is one of the finest in all of hockey Twitter, and if you enjoy his work then this tweet should frighten you. In case you can't tell, that's a masked/gagged face he posted there. It's almost certainly a commentary on the recent stories about Canucks' coach John Tortorella cracking down on players tweeting during the season.

Say it ain't so, Roberto!


Never change, Fleury! Never change.

#1 -The Fake Dan Ellis Memorial Tweet of the Week!

@dril, you magnificent bastard.

Remember, if you see a funny hockey tweet during the week and think it deserves a place in the top five, send it to me @MegalodonBOC .