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Circle of Jerks: Jer on Meg

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It's that time again for the three of us to get together and have a little fun.

Reach over and grab it.
Reach over and grab it.

Another one of these. In case you've forgotten what these are all about, I'll ask Megalodon a series of questions, he'll ask Dunn a series of questions, and Dunn will ask me a series of questions. Sometimes the order is different, but the outcome is always the same; we all walk away ashamed of what just took place.

So in our ramp up to the new season, and in an effort to generate useless blog content, here's what I asked Meg, and how he feels about the Pacific, Raffi Torres, and the 80's.

1. What troubles you the most about the new pacific division?

I seriously think I might make a few Canucks fans cry before the season is done, and that troubles me because I'd rather they just kill themselves.

Kidding! Seriously though, Canucks fans are great. I'm just trying to get some practice in hating them, since I won't really have Stars fans to kick around any more in the division.

Meg has a point here. Canucks fans seem just as hypersensitive as Stars fans. The good news is that they don't seem as politically or culturally atrocious as Stars fans, the bad news is that there's a whole lot more of them to put up with when someone hurts their feelings.

2. What do you feel will be the main impact of Raffi Torres's injury on the Sharks?

Torres being out of the lineup for a month or two could actually be great, and not just from a karmic justice perspective. Torres would likely take a spot on one of the top three lines if he were healthy, but instead we'll probably get to take longer looks at Tomas "California is my dream" Hertl, Matt "Straight outta Long Beach" Nieto, and Freddie "No overt connection to California but we like him anyway" Hamilton playing with some of the Sharks' big guns.

At the very least, this will give some young guys a chance to get some NHL experience. At best (and what I believe will be the case), we'll find out that maybe the Sharks don't really need Torres after all.

I hope we'll find out that the team can't really make it without Torres, and then he comes back and it turns out that the team can't really make it with him either.

3. The Cure, or Depeche Mode?

This really should have been saved for one of our BoC Gameday Showdowns, but fine, just blow all your good ideas before the season starts why don't you?

Depeche Mode. Even if all they ever wrote was "Personal Jesus" that's better than anything The Cure have ever done.

I figure you as more of The Smiths type of guy, Meg.

Thank you for your fascinating input.

It's going to be a long season.