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Ducks Gameday: Sami Vatanen, True Badass

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In which Sami Vatanen will get his damn coffee. Red Wings @ Ducks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday Adam Brady sent out a tweet directing us to a February 2013 Comcast SportsNet article, written by Kevin Kurz, which mentioned Sami Vatanen:

He directs us to the last section of the article, which reads:

Vatanen helps himself
The Ducks recalled defenseman Sami Vatanen from Norfolk recently, with Cam Fowler out with an apparent head injury. Vatanen happened to be staying at the Sharks' team hotel in Anaheim, and decided he wanted a cup of coffee before heading to the rink.

Rather than find a local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, though, Vatanen waltzed right into the Sharks' pregame snack room, much to the surprise of several players, many of whom had no idea who he was. He poured a cup for the road, and walked out.

Vatanen, a fourth round pick of the Ducks in 2009, played in his second game in the NHL on Monday. It seems he still has a thing or two to learn about professional decorum.

The author's pissy sentiment about "professional decorum" aside, this is one of the best things I've heard about Vatanen. But is it true? Adam Brady appears skeptical. It's an odd thing for Kurz to just make up, so I'm inclined to believe it. Poll below; what say you?

Next Game

Detroit Red Wings
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Jan 12, 2014, 5:00 PM PST
Honda Center

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Tonight's game is against Detroit. which as I stated the first time we played them this season, just aren't an interesting opponent anymore. Though our 5-2 domination of the struggling team was pretty satisfying; here's hoping to a repeat.

Gameday Prediction

Sami Vatanen walks right in and takes his damn goals.

Classic Moment

To help commemorate the Ducks' 20th year this season, each gameday I'll be posting a clip of a classic moment from the team's history against that night's opponent. Here is today's...

Detroit Red Wings - Anaheim Ducks NHL Playoffs 2007