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Sharks Gameday: Meet the Mayor

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The official Twitter account of the Winnipeg mayor's office is a thing of beauty.

Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz.
Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz.


Beautiful Winnipeg.

Glorious Winnipeg.

It's no secret that Winnipeg is one of the most fantastic cities in the entire world. There's a reason I follow both the official City of Winnipeg Twitter account AND the account for the Winnipeg Mayor's Office. Winnipeg is a city like no other, and I want to make sure I'm keeping up to date with all of the exciting happenings in this amazing "Mexico City of the North."

Here are just a few of the interesting and entertaining tweets from the Winnipeg Mayor's Office since they started tweeting back in March of 2013.

Yeah! Exciting!

Winnipeg will finally get to host the Canada Games in 2017, when the Summer Games come to Winnipeg. Athletes from around the great nation of Canada will gather to participate in traditional Winnipeg summertime activities, such as ice hockey, ice skating, ice fishing, snow-looking, and competitive freezing-to-death.

Despite being Manitoba's capital and the largest city in the province, Winnipeg still doesn't get any respect from the government of Manitoba. It's a damn shame.

The official seal of the city of Winnipeg is a pair of crossed buses on top of a field of different buses.

"Manitoba mosquito" called worst species of insect in the world.

I very much agree on this point. I'm certainly against bulling in all its forms.

Hahaha "Fort Garry" is the most Canadian thing in history.

I know I've talked about this tweet before, but jeeze. It's a great one.

It should be very clear to all of you now why Winnipeg's motto is Unum Cum Virtute Multorum, which I would translate into English if this wasn't a family blog.

Next Game

Winnipeg Jets
@ San Jose Sharks

Thursday, Jan 23, 2014, 7:30 PM PST
HP Pavilion

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Prediction: Like most things from Winnipeg, the Jets are big piles of garbage. Sharks win 5-2.

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