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Sharks Gameday: More like Washington CRAPITALS

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I haven't paid attention to the Capitals in two years, let's check in with them

He's pretty great
He's pretty great
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The Washington Capitals no longer can rely on the extremely weak Southeast division to land them a playoff spot; they are now in a division that is a little less weak, which caused them to miss the playoffs last season. The coach got fired for being a butthole and for also not being good at his job. Their GM signed Brooks Orpik to a ridiculously stupid contract that was 27.5 mil for 5 years, which he got for being complete dogshit for the Penguins and Team USA.

The Capitals are also wasting Alex Ovechkin's youth, while he gets blamed for every single problem that the capitals have. This past season was Ovechkin's best since the 2010-2011 season, as he got 79 points (51 goals). He is the problem for the Washington Capitals because every other person on that team is forgettable and people have to google their roster to remember who they have. Googling is hard so it is just easier to blame it on Ovi.

They got Matt Niskanen which would have been completely awesome if the Orpik thing didn't happen. Their goaltending is very young and so far, mediocre, but one would assume that they'll trade for a goaltender rather soon. *sees their cap space* *laughs at Orpik signing again* Anyway, they'll have to dump one of their big contracts or be patient enough to see how their goaltending situation turns out.

My guess is that they are done being cup contenders for at least a couple years. Poor Ovi.


San Jose Sharks @ Washington Capitals

4:00pm PST

Vertical Horizon Center



The Sharks are continuing this winning streak, I'm hesitant about this whole shutout streak, but I'm pleased regardless. It is a new season and I am having fun...for now. I'm going to be cautious and say that the Sharks win 3-1, with goals from Burns, Hertl, and Vlasic. Ovi scores but is put on trading block for loss.

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