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Sharks Gameday: John Scott, a God amongst men

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Say hello to a new era, a new hope, a new dynasty.

dreams do come true
dreams do come true
Jesus Christ

President Barack Obama made a lot of promises for change in 2008. Most of those promises were made to Sharks fans. We had been disappointed the first four years. We reelected him, hoping that it just takes a little while for things to get better. A year and a half into his second term, things seemed to be the worse than ever. We began to lose hope.

But then.... almost halfway through his second term, a new light has shined down on our beloved San Jose Sharks. We finally have a reason to have hope again. We finally have a reason to feel joy again. We finally have the courage to stand up to those who have hurt us. We finally can begin forgiving those who have wronged us. We finally have a reason to smile again. We finally can learn to love again.

The reason for all of this is John Scott



john scott world 2

There is no need for a captain when your team has an Overlord.

Bow down to him.



San Jose Sharks @ New York Islanders

4:00pm PST

The Worst Fucking Arena on the Planet



The Sharks love to play down to their opponents as much as they love being awesome in October. This game is a toss up. October trumps all, Sharks win 5-3. John Scott gets a hat trick and I retire. Logan Couture continues to only score with his mom.

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