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Kings Gameday: Some 'Wild' News!

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If you kept reading past the title, congratulations!

My eye!
My eye!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

We've been a little tough on Minnesota the past few seasons here at Battle of California. It's been pretty justifiable because they bring it on themselves, what with the whining and the Wild's PR department not really realizing what a joke is. As for the whining, a lot of that comes from the outdoor game the Wild never get, yet seem entitled to. Fortunately, for us here in California, we are due for our second outdoor game in as many years. Now it may seem unfair for the north flyover realm, but there is some good news.

Minnesota is finally getting an outdoor game! That's right, I was able to get the exclusive schedule for upcoming outdoor games from the NHL's office.

  • 2015: Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks at Nationals Park, Washington DC
  • 2015: San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings at Jean Shorts Stadium, Santa Clara
  • 2016: Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars at Mile High Stadium, Denver
  • 2016: Columbus Blue Jackets and Chicago Blackhawks at Ohio Stadium, Columbus
  • 2017: Arizona Coyotes and Chicago Blackhawks at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe
  • 2017: Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks at Raymond James Earl Jones Stadium, Tampa
  • 2018: Houston Wild and St. Louis Blues at Minute Maid Park, Houston
  • 2018: Carolina Hurricanes and Chicago Blackhawks at Bank off of America Stadium, Charlotte
  • 2019: Season cancelled due to lockout
  • 2020: Seattle Sharks and Chicago Blackhawks at CenturyLink Field, Seattle
  • 2020: Los Angeles Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Las Vegas Coyotes at Angel Stadium, Los Angeles Jr
  • 2021-2028: East coast games
  • 2029: Chicago Blackhawks and New York Islanders at wherever the White Sox play, Chicago
  • 2030: Minnesota Wild (formerly the Atlanta Blades franchise, awarded in 2023, relocated in 2028) and Ottawa Senators at Vikings Stadium, Minneapolis
  • 2031: NHL ends outdoor game gimmick following lack of interest from prior year

preview 10/19

The Kings won despite getting pounded in the shots category, getting bailed out by Jonathan Quick. What the hell is this? Is it 2012 again? Actually, that's wrong because at least then then Kings were taking a ton of shots, and just not scoring. In any case, the Kings have not looked particularly great this season so far. They've picked up seven out of ten to start also, soooooo...

Great start, boys!

Prediction: Kings lose after the Minnesota Wild relocate to Houston mid-game. Houston wins the Cup.