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Circle of Jerks: Jer on Dunn

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Getting to know each other a little more intimately.

Reaching around for answers.
Reaching around for answers.

We haven't had an old fashion Circle of Jerks in quite some time now, mainly because we're not reallysure of the logistics of such a thing ever since Megalodon has left the blog and his replacement is, well... you understand.

But for those of you who are new around here, the Circle of Jerks works like this: The jerk Sharks blogger is going to ask me a few questions, I'll ask the jerk Kings blogger a few questions, and the Kings blogger will in turn ask the Sharks blogger a few questions. This completes the circle.

Yes, it's all very clever.

In a few months or so we'll reverse the circle and do it all over again, and we all leave physically satisfied, but emotionally scarred.

Anyway, here's how my Q & A went with Dunn, resident Kings fan.

Do the Kings have it in them to take their third cup victory in four seasons and be the first dynasty of the modern NHL?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, yes because they have essentially the same roster as last year. It's three lines that are incredibly dangerous (the third line is dangerous in more ways than one with Dwight King out there), and defensively they are still one of the best teams in the league. Maybe they'll stop scoring as usual, and they will have to work a trade out with Columbus again. That Ryan Johansen kid is pretty good. The only real roadblock is the Kings half-assing things like they did in games one through three against San Jose, and phoning in the first six games against Anaheim. Chicago is pretty good I guess.

What kind of regular season will we be looking at with the Kings? A dominant effort heading in to the playoffs, or a lackluster performance that just barely gets them in there followed by another impressive playoff run?

Between the last two seasons I have come to the conclusion that the Kings seem to sleepwalk through games for stretches at a time, and have done so in the playoffs also (see above). They still put together winning records despite this. A winning record of 56% in the regular season for the past two seasons actually. Which is identical to their playoff winning percentage for the past two years also. The difference is in the playoffs that wins you series most of the time, but for the regular season campaign it gives you a decent though not overwhelming record. I'm really not expecting anything different. Prediction: Kings finish with a hundred points again (they were on pace for that in the lockout shortened season), make the playoffs and win some more series. Coin flip with Chicago for the Cup.

What do you miss most about Megalodon?

We used to have our Facebook chat called BoC Gay Orgy, and the Circle of Jerks title made sense. Now we are stuck with Stace and everything has to change. Besides that, absolutely nothing. He was the Saddam Hussein of SBNation blog managers. You're more of a Mussolini.

...And that's it, folks. Now if you excuse me, I have to make sure the blogs run on time.