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Circle of Jerks: Stace on Jer

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I'll remember my first time forever.

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
Not Registered Ryan Dunn
Because I'm new around here, this is my first ever Circle of Jerks segment. I always thought I would have to be really drunk to participate in Circle of Jerks, but here goes nothing!

1. The Ducks dumped Hiller during the offseason and now have Andersen, LaBarbera and Gibson. Assuming that Gibson stays in the AHL most of the upcoming season, how confident do you feel about Andersen and LaBarbera as the starters? Do you think the loss of Hiller will hurt them?

I’m not confident in the Ducks’ goaltending, but I’d feel about the same lack of confidence if Hiller was still around. It’s not a good situation. I’m also not so sure that LaBarbera is set to be the permanent backup. While I think it’s pretty clear Andersen gets the start, I think LaBarbera only backs-up temporarily while Gibson does a very abbreviated stint in the AHL. He’ll then oust LaBarbera and be back in the NHL way too early and likely have his development destroyed in the process. Hooray!

I wonder if Dan Ellis is still available.

I would check in on Curtis McElhinney as well. Actually don't because I just googled his name and apparently he is on the Blue Jackets. Sorry, pal.

2. We all know that the California teams are the only teams in the pacific who stands a chance in making the playoffs because the Canadian teams plus Arizona suck. Which California team will win the Pacific?

It’s probably going to be the god damn Kings because Sharks and Ducks fans apparently have not been punished enough over the past three seasons.

I have nothing to live for if there isn't a possibility for a pacific division banner.

3. Which is better: Del Taco or Taco Bell?

Like most great things in this world, Del Taco is a California native. And while it has begun to venture out and explore the world outside of California, it knows where home is. It’s also slightly less likely to give you the shits than competing fake Mexican fast food.

It is also the greatest drunk food on the face of the planet. Viva Del Taco!

Fuck you, Taco Bell.