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Ducks Gameday: Off to Chicago, I Guess.

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A post with no heart about an opponent with no heart. Ducks @ Chicago.

What the hell is even going on here?
What the hell is even going on here?
Jonathan Daniel

It's safe to say that the Ducksprevious game was not very good. One might argue that the whole game was...

Despite the heroics of 2nd star of the game and future captain Tim Jackman, the Ducks lost to one of those Pacific Division bottom-feeder teams. Oh well, our win streak couldn't last forever.

And with Anaheim off to Chicago tonight, it's fairly likely that we're on to a new losing streak.

This isn't really fair, as the bullshit caserole they call a pizza isn't really food.

To be honest, it's probably a good time to be taking off on a road trip, what with the Kings dealing with a bacterial infection that their slovenly, unshowered fans let spill in to the Staples Center locker room. It's not a bad idea to get out of town before that makes its way across the freeway.

At any rate, you probably understand why my heart just isn't in today's half-assed post.

Speaking of having no heart and half-assed efforts, I don't think we can ever forgive Chicago for sleepwalking through their playoff series last season, thereby guaranteeing the Kings' eventual Stanley Cup win. We all know that Eastern Conference teams are laughably inferior, and whoever won the West would have the Cup essentially surrendered to them.

You think with those high of stakes, the Blackhawks would have shown up and handled Los Angeles. They were given plenty of chances! They even forced them to game 7, for crying out loud! ANY OTHER TEAM in a game seven situation against the Kings would have easily handled this.

Pathetic, Chicago.

Anyway, have fun beating Anaheim tonight, I guess.


Ducks (7 - 2) @ Blackhawks (5 - 3)

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014, 5:30 PM PDT

United Center


Miraculously, a bacterial infection takes out Chicago's top line. Ducks eke out a 5-4 win in OT.