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Happy Halloween, dickweeds

The Getzlaf family
The Getzlaf family
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It's Halloween! A time where people have an excuse to drink, kids have an excuse to eat a ton of candy, and where girls can wear less clothes than normal without being called skank. Costumes are what Halloween is all about because of...stuff. Ask the pagans, it's their holiday. Hockey players love getting in on that also, and the Kings had some crazy costumes. No, I'm not speaking solely about Mike Richards dressing up like he is a real hockey player.

So without further introduction, here are the Kings top five costumes this Halloween:

5. Anze Kopitar as a Sith Lord

Darth Anze

He actually didn't even put on any makeup for this. A pretty economical costume. Good thinking, Anze.

4. Robyn Regehr as Dumbo



3. Alec Martinez as the Tapatio guy

Caliente Alec

It's a bit tricky having to carry around the signage, but you have to admire Alec's commitment to the costume. A few points knocked off though due to lack of mustache.

2. Dwight King as Dwight King

Dwight being Dwight

Big Ol Bear is ready for a big ol night out.

1. Drew Doughty as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Doughy Drew

Thank god the team was only in Detroit for Halloween this year so the casualties of Drew's rampage were minimal.

preview 10/31

The Kings took about thirty penalties and never really stood a chance last game. The fourth line was barely utilized, and the top lines are looking pretty harmless. It hasn't been a great start to the road trip, but having a six game winning streak to sit on and pad out this rough stretch helps a ton. It appears Kopitar still isn't ready to go, and that maybe Darryl Sutter is thinking of maybe breaking up the Carter line. Jeff Carter with Tanner Pearson and Justin Williams could probably jump start Williams, and Tyler Toffoli looks like he is capable of carrying a line. Though sticking him with Richards may be a bit too much to ask. I don't know. It's still only been ten games.

Prediction: Kings dress up like an AHL team and still manage to keep it close against the Red Wings. 4-3 loss, with goals by Doughty, Williams, and...let's say Clifford.