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Ducks Gameday: Corey Perry - Playoff Hero

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The Ducks play the Stars today, but this game is a throw-away. Let's look at time when games between the two teams mattered. Ducks @ Stars.

An all-American hero.
An all-American hero.
Jeff Gross

After losing to the Sharks, just barely stealing a game from the Blackhawks, and then being shutout by the Blues, it's pretty clear that the Ducks are about to start a losing streak. That's okay, even the best team in the league has to lose to bad teams some times. The Stars will probably take this one tonight, but when you're a team as good as Anaheim you don't mind donating some points here and there to the bottom dwelling teams, like Dallas, when there's not much on the line.

Of course, when it actually matters, like in their first round playoff matchup last year, the Ducks find a way to embarrass these weak teams. The Stars played some of their best hockey in that series, yet still got steamrolled by some of the Ducks' worst hockey. Dallas just didn't have the heart or the drive to make it work when it counts. Their first round elimination was predictable, but humiliating nonetheless.

But what was the catalyst of the Stars' shameful early exit?

One man,

This man..

Corey Perry.

While Dallas's team full of goons and thugs like Ryan Garbutt tried to murder Ducks staples like Stephane Robidas in a desperate attempt to level the playing field, Corey Perry was making smart hockey plays and putting on a clinic for Dallas.

Need an example of one of his smart hockey plays? Here's one that, in most smart hockey analysts' opinions, really sealed the series for Anaheim:

Perry's finesse really shines through here, and it's this type of high-skill play that wins hockey games and ensures that goons like the Dallas Stars stay home.

There's no wonder he's the face of the NHL.


Ducks (8 - 3) @ Stars (4 - 5)

Friday, Oct 31, 2014, 5:30 PM PDT

American Airlines Center


League-wide despised thug Ryan Garbutt decapitates Anaheim's netminder, Stars win 5-2.