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Sharks Gameday: Act like you've been there, Los Angeles

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Banners are cool and all but you don't need to be a dick about it

Everybody's banners go up! And they stay there! And they stay th
Everybody's banners go up! And they stay there! And they stay th
some proud fan

Happy Opening Day Everyone!!!!

The Sharks are kicking off their season right where they left off, with their tails between their legs against the Los Angeles Kings! As many of you do not know, the Los Angeles Kings actually ended up winning their second Stanley Cup in 47 years after they ousted the Sharks! This is very cool for California hockey, which is what I have to tell myself as I rock back and forth, stabbing my voodoo doll made out of Brent Burns' body hair.

Anyway, tonight the Sharks are forced to watch the Kings celebrate their Stanley Cup win with a banner raising ceremony at Staples Center. Who has banner raising ceremonies, anyway? Banner raising ceremonies are equivalent to the Tomas Hertl showy as fuck goal against NHL castoff, Martin Biron. Just poor taste, guys. You know who else has banner raising ceremonies?

This is probably the saddest video I've ever seen.

I guess if you want your team to be like the Coyotes then go ahead and have your banner raising ceremonies, see if I fucking care, LOS ANGELES!!!

Let's check out the banners that the Sharks aren't having a banner raising ceremony for because they are humble.

mike brown banner


john scott banner

Thornton Banner

Marleau Banner



San Jose Sharks @ Los Angeles Kings

Seventh Circle of Hell


NBC Sports Network


The Sharks are the undisputed reigning champions of October. Sharks win 4-0, goals from Joe Pavelski, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Slava Voynov (credited to James Sheppard) and Matt Nieto (who is from Long Beach).

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