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Ducks Gameday: Welcome Back, Readers!

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Easing the casual visitors back in. Ducks @ Penguins.

We tried to keep it nice and tidy for you.
We tried to keep it nice and tidy for you.
Milos Bicanski

A brand new NHL season has finally started, and it's good to get back in to the regular swing of things around here on Battle of California. And although many of you stuck with us through the offseason, we understand that a lot of you are more casual fans, only stopping by during the regular season. Well, a lot has changed since the previous season ended in regards to our blog as well as the teams we cover, and I'd like to get you casual readers brought up to speed.

...And that about wraps up the entire off season! Welcome back, and enjoy the hot rivalry here on Battle of California.


The Penguins and the Ducks both hatch their respective seasons today, against each other...

Penguins Ducks Eggs Hatch

(Drawn by Earl Sleek for tomorrow's Royal Half "Pacific War Room" with apologies to them for posting it a day early).

Thursday, Oct 9, 2014, 4:00 PM PDT
CONSOL Energy Center
TV: Prime Ticket
Radio: AM 830 KLAA


The Ducks spent almost the entire preseason being terrible, so inexplicably they'll start the season off right with a 4-2 victory. Game-winning goal form Andrew Cogliano.