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Kings Gameday: McBain

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Let's get silly


Recently, the Kings signed the biggest action hero defenseman in the NHL. And at only $550,000 for the year! A lot of other hockey folk are expecting the newest member of the Kings to only be a stopgap solution until the Slava Voynov thing gets sorted out. Not me though. You see, when you sign the biggest ass kicker of criminals you are going to get results. And that is exactly what the Kings are going to get with McBain.

One exceptional value that McBain brings to Los Angeles is his versatility. A lot of people missed this though, since he was out in Buffalo, where even the locals try to forget their is a team there. Everyone assumes he is a one dimensional, action only type of guy. He never had time to settle in Buffalo, and just never got the chance to open up. But look at him here. McBain is a total crackup.

McBain is a cannon wielding, shit stopping, bad ass. Who couldn't cut it in Buffalo. Or Carolina. And has been a statistical train wreck for the past few seasons. And he actually looks like this.

Congratulations, Alec Martinez. You're still the best looking defenseman on the team.

The Ducks just got lame ol' Lovejoy. The Reverend Snoozer is slowly turning into a spare part on a team with already lousy defense. In fact, he's not even playing now because he hurt his poor little hand in a fight with sad sack Sharks. It doesn't make a difference though because even when he was out there you would swear he was doing nothin' at all.

Nothin' at all.


Stupid sexy Flanders

preview 11/12

Prediction: Kings and McBain flop. Lose 2-1. Goal by Gaborik.