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Ducks Gameday: Lovejoy

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"This so-called new religion is nothing but a pack of weird rituals and chants, designed to take away the money of fools. Now let's say the Lord's Prayer 40 times, but first, let's pass the collection plate. " Kings @ Ducks.

Short answer, "yes" with an "if." Long answer, "no" with a "but."
Short answer, "yes" with an "if." Long answer, "no" with a "but."
The Simpsons

As is tradition here at Battle of California whenever two teams from the best state in the union face off against each other, today's game posts have a theme behind them. Today's discusses some team players with fun names.

What's this? Kings just signed this McBain fellow?

How cute. Just another example of how the LA Kings have to copy every damn thing the Anaheim Ducks do.

First Anaheim won the Cup, then LA won the Cup. Anaheim acquired a defenseman named after a perennial Simspons background character in Ben Lovejoy, LA signed  Jamie McBain. Come up with your own strategy, Los Angeles!

At any rate, Reverend Lovejoy is a much better Simpsons character anyway.

According to IMDB, the Reverend has been in at least 149 episodes at the time of this writing. McBain (slash Ranier Wolfcastle)? Only 79. What a fucking joke.

Plus, you know, him having the whole power of God thing to back him up is pretty impressive.

What's McBain got going for him? Oh, that one overused meme? Cool story, bro.

Plus, McBain is supposed to be a bad-ass action hero, but that's kind of horseshit. You want action?

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That's fucking action. McBain is just a character played by actor Ranier Wolfcastle, he's never had to do anything heroic, with his cush Hollywood job. Lovejoy is out saving lives.

So yeah, Lovejoy forever.


Kings (8 - 7) @ Ducks (10 - 6)

Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014, 7:30 PM PST

Honda Center


Half of Anaheim's team is either sick with ebola, or broken in some other way. Stupid LA wins 3-1.