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Ducks Gameday: Ren

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Didn't we just do this? Ducks @ Kings

I made the same face after the Ducks eliminated the Sharks in 2009
I made the same face after the Ducks eliminated the Sharks in 2009
Ren and Stimpy

As is tradition here at Battle of California whenever two teams from the best state in the union face off against each other, today's game posts have a theme behind them. Today's posts discuss some characters from a 90s-era cartoon show, again.

Stimpy is a god damn dope. He's funny, sure, but he can't even feed himself.

Ren was the brains behind the operation. Stimpy was just an obnoxious nuisance that Ren took in, and cared for out of the kindness of his own heart. But was Stimpy grateful? absolutely not. He still went out of his way to piss all over Ren's good nature, driving Ren into uncontrollable rages...

(Ren has a collection of rare, incurable diseases? Sounds like Corey Perry.)

I feel for Ren. I can relate to him. After everything I've done for my fellow blogger Dunn, his sole existence seems to revolve around making me fly off the handle and piss on fences to my  own detriment, sending us all to hell.

But still, it just goes to show that Ren doesn't take shit from no one, even if it drives him mad. And speaking of being driven mad, like all of the best Ren and Stimpy episodes, the following memorable episode revolves all around Ren. Because he makes the show...

Yeah, you didn't realize you remembered that episode, did you? But it brought back so many memories. And you know why you remember it? Because Ren is amazing, even when he has a delusional psychotic breakdown.

And want to see another episode you forgot you loved so much? Sure, okay...

And why did you love that one? What did it have in common? Oh yeah, Ren was awesome in it and nobody even cares about Stimpy.

Fuck that guy.

And fuck LA.


Ducks (10 - 6) @ Kings (8 - 7)

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014, 1:00 PM PST

Staples Center


The Kings are terrible right now, so they end up beating Anaheim for some inexplicable reason. Kings win 4-2.