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Sharks Gameday: The Buffalo Sabres are actually a good team

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I have compiled hard evidence to show the world that the Sabres aren't as bad as everyone makes them seem.

Foul ball
Foul ball
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One of the biggest stories of the past couple seasons have been how awful the Buffalo Sabres are. People go on and on and on about how this Buffalo team is a bottomdweller who will be rebuilding for years and years to come, but I'm not buying it. I don't watch the Sabres often, but when I do, they usually win! Their goaltender is usually lights out, their offense is clicking and their defense shut the opposing team down. While they don't have any noteworthy players since John Scott and Christian Ehrhoff left, they have some good dudes like Jonathan Quick's brother-in-law and other people too!

In the Sharks' 23 seasons in the NHL, they have struggled considerably against the Buffalo Sabres. Although the Sabres are an Eastern Conference opponent and have met the Sharks only 32 times since San Jose's inaugural season, they have been one of the Sharks' toughest opponents. Think of the Sharks' past struggles against the Dallas Stars, take away a Stanley Cup, take away a bunch of ruthless assholes, take away the leftover Minnesota stink and you have the Sharks' history with the Sabres.

In 23 seasons, the Sharks have only won 7 games against the Buffalo Sabres. The Sharks are 1-15-0 when playing in Buffalo. The last (and only time) the Sharks have won in Buffalo was December 2, 2005 (happy almost anniversary, guys). The Sharks have beaten the Sabres twice in the past ten years. The last time the Sharks beat the Sabres was on January 23, 2010.

Over the past 23 seasons, Sharks have the worst goals against average vs. the Sabres, which is 3.88. This means that the Sharks have let in 124 goals in the 32 games. To compare, the Sharks also have an abysmal record against the Boston Bruins (9-16-6), and have played them 31 times, but have only allowed 96 goals (3.10 GAA).

Given the history of these two teams, and the fact that I only watch the Buffalo Sabres when they play the Sharks, it is undeniable that this Sabres team is a powerhouse!


San Jose Sharks vs. Buffalo Sabres

4:30pm PST

First Viagra Center (has anyone ever said that joke?)

NBCSN (wait, why?)


Taking a page out of the other California teams' book, the Sharks looked like crap on Sunday but by the grace of god, tree, or satan (whatever you believe in), won! They allowed 45 shots. Against the Carolina Hurricanes. Sheesh. Good thing Grosenick is our new number one goaltender and saved the day. You would think that he'll start tonight, but probably not. It's more of a fact than a prediction that the Sharks will lose this game, 1-3, sad goal from Joe Thornton.

Setting the Tone:

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Join me while we revisit junior high and high school dances with this gem from Buffalo Native, Brian McKnight

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>The Buffalo Sabres are on the same goal differential pace as the 92-93 Sharks (11-71-2) who were -196 in 84 games.</p>&mdash; Ryan Classic (@ryanclassic) <a href="">November 14, 2014</a></blockquote>

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