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Ducks Gameday: Battle of California Comments of the Week (Week 4)

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A look at your favorite comments for week 4 (10/26/2014 - 11/1/2014) before today's Ducks @ Avalanche game.


This is a reoccurring weekly feature that awards the "El Burrito de la Victoria" trophy to the comments with the most amount of reader "recommendations" from the prior week. All recommendations are tallied the night before this feature is posted. With any luck, this will encourage you to not only comment more often, but to be funnier.

Instead of a weekend gameday post that none of you will read, how about we do Burritos today? Maybe a few of you said something funny. Let's find out...

Comments of the Week, 10/26/2014 - 11/1/2014

The Best

I'm not here to defend my state

I’m here to shit on yours.

JJ (from Kansas) defends his view of Minnesota as a shithole, and adds another entry to our slogan generator. This means, after winning top spot two weeks in a row, I'm finally dethroned! Fuck you assholes.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other highly-rec'd comments of the past week...

joined Oct 30, 2014


... of course, I still make an appearance this week, and all I had to do was point out and laugh at one of the bajillion disgruntled Wild fans who signed up for an SB Nation account just to register their complaint with Stace's Minnesota post (more on these folks in a bit).

Speaking of Stace, she's found a way Wild fans can help California solve our drought...

Come to California

your tears could probably end our drought.

Speaking of Wild fans, we heard they were complaining about Californian's lack of a hockey culture, but we can't be sure because...

What was that? We can’t hear you, what with all these Stanley Cups and outdoor games in our ears.

The Worst Comment of the Week

...As selected by me, arbitrarily.

Picking one this week is almost impossible. Stace's post about the Wild (which all of top comments above came from) produced all of the worst comments of the week as Minnesota fans signed up in droves to come give us a piece of their minds. Go read the whole comment section to get a feel for how bad it was. But here's an example...

A fan of a franchise that has horrible playoff history tells fans of the Sharks why the Sharks are terrible...

It looks a delusional fan base is just happy to make the playoffs...

Wow, you make the playoffs year in and year out with zero chance at winning a Stanley Cup. "But we lost to the SCC, that means we are good!" No, it means you aren’t good enough. What will the NHL do when California becomes part of the Ocean? Not sure, but it will be a beautiful day.

That guy, who is not an SB Nation regular, managed 22 comments this week in Stace's post, and all of them were as bad as the one above. Wow.

What We Learned This Week

I don't have a poll for you this week, so instead why don't you tell us in the comments below what you think we learned from another week of commenting.

Make it funny so maybe you'll finally earn a burrito.


Ducks (9 - 3) @ Avalanche (3 - 9)

Sunday, Nov 2, 2014, 5:00 PM PST

Pepsi Center


A team that is 9-3 against a team that is 3-9? Anaheim probably loses 5-3.