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Ducks Gameday: Scancouver

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The hilarious Vancouver crime scene. Ducks @ Canucks

Riley Huntley (Huntley Photography)

Do you know what a police scanner is? I'm not familiar with what the kids are in to these days, but I doubt it's listening to police scanners. So for those of you who are too stupid or too young to have ever known what a radio is, I'll explain it in very general terms: A scanner lets you listen to police radio frequencies to let you hear where and why cops are being dispatched, and other emergency response activity.

Not many people outside of niche radio enthusiasts seem to care about police scanners anymore, but they say they can still be a good source of local info. Or more importantly, a good source of hilarity.

Enter Twitter account @ScanBC, "Your source for raw, unfiltered, local breaking news" in the British Columbia area. As it's picked up in popularity, you might have already heard of this account. It tweets out the local emergency service happenings as heard on area scanners. Although it doesn't intend to be funny (and in fact a majority of the tweets are boring, everyday Anytown-type police blotter), the nature of Canadian people makes a whole bunch of these tweets unintentionally hilarious.

Unlike America, which has real crime, Canadians don't suffer through endless gun violence and street gangs. It's a much more innocent place. You're less likely to see a murder dispatch, and much more likely to see the type of absurdity that follows below.


Selected Highlights from @ScanBC


Ducks (11 - 7- 2) @ Canucks (12 - 6)

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014, 7:00 PM PST

Rogers Arena


Somebody swats Rogers Arena, game is postponed. Ryan Kesler is relieved.