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Kings Gameday: Peter Dinklage

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He is short

He almost looks normal sized here
He almost looks normal sized here
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes are boring and I don't want to talk about them.

Instead I am going to discuss this weird reoccurring dream I have. I am at a get together involving people I only vaguely remember and Peter Dinklage is there. He is dressed normally, and isn't in Tyrion from Game of Thrones mode. He's just hanging out. I go up to him, and this happens every time, and I begin singing the Game of Thrones' theme song where it's just his name. Uh, just click here. It's easier than trying to explain it if you have never heard it.

Anyways, Peter Dinklage doesn't like me singing his name at him, which is understandable I suppose. The song is kind of annoying,  and I really suck at singing. Yes, even in a dream, my singing is garbage. Moving on, Peter Dinklage gets angry at me and tells me to fuck off. I ask if he has a little attitude, and about 90% of the dream from here on is just my brain firing off bad, mean jokes about little people. Like, "Do you want to start a little something?" and, "I'm not going to hit you. Who do you think I am? Adrian Peterson?" (Because making fun of child abused AND little people is something I dream about apparently). In the end, Peter Dinklage proceeds to try and fight me, and I typically wake up after he inevitably starts winning our tussle. I can't get back to sleep afterwards, and am getting really awful rest lately since I have had this same dream four times now over the past week. I wonder what it means.

I asked Stace since she is a certified psychologist or something. She said I had homosexual feelings towards my dad, which is really gross and I question her degree. Jer, who claims to be a sociologist, says I internalize structural, systemic biases against short people in our culture. This may be true, since I am fairly tall and hate everyone that isn't me. As for me, I think it means that I see these other sunbelt hockey teams as short little twerps, who I usually insult (poorly), and then they make me feel lousy.

In closing, I am going to be very glad when the southeastern teams are done playing against the Kings.

preview 11/2

The weird lines Darryl Sutter put together sort of worked I guess. Only if you count goals being scored by Matt Greene and Robyn Regehr though. Trevor Lewis didn't look awful on the top line (shocking), Dwight King looked more like his old self (reassuring), and the fourth line of Brown/Richards/Clifford was pretty effective (thankfully, since that's twelve million a year on that line). The Kings did roll a pretty effective four lines. Sutter has been talking about scratching Tanner Pearson, however. When he's not scoring with every other shot he takes, it means he sucks and should feel bad, I guess. So expect Nolan in, and everyone to complain.

Prediction: Nolan plays, Pearson sits, everyone complains, and the Kings lose 4 to 1. Goal by Toffoli.