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Kings Gameday: Who the hell is this Forsberg guy?

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He never retired

Nashville's new hope
Nashville's new hope
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Nashville is doing well this season. Really well. Especially seeing that no really expected much out of them. And it is in large part thanks to one man. One guy on their roster has been racking up the points this year. This is an anomaly since the Predators never have anyone scoring on their team. But they do now. A lot of people say he wasn't going to make an impact with his new team, but it is clear he is now. Then to have the start he is having while going into the hockey Hall of Fame is even more remarkable. I doubted it at first but Peter Forsberg is really making an impact with the Nashville Predators.

I didn't even know Forsberg was still playing. I thought he had retired nearly a decade ago, but instead he is mounting a comeback. I think it safe to say though, that if he stays on this pace, he is the greatest Nashville Predator of all time. It makes all the more sense that he went into the Hall of Fame as a Predator. He's the Swedish star that Nashville needs.

He knows how to win Cups, what with his time in Colorado when they were a force. He is a veteran presence, and has been a really smart pickup by the Predators. Trading for him from the Philadelphia Flyers was the best move the Predators have done in their franchise history. Congratulations, Peter. Here's too your outstanding career.

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The Kings continued their awful road play, so whee. More of that. Great. Alec Martinez looks like he is ready to go, so my guess is Jamie McBain will take a seat for a little while. I have no idea why the Kings play bad on the road though. The past few years they've been better on the road then they have been at home, so who knows? It also appears Darryl Sutter may be moving away from his four line approach, and is going with a top loaded unit. I'm all for breaking up Marian Gaborik and Anze Kopitar for a while though. It had to be done with Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, so may as well give it a try.

Prediction: Sutter hits the "blender" button on the lines and the Kings still lose.