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Kings Gameday: What's there to eat?

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Thanksgiving is all about one thing: FOOD

The face of a hungry man
The face of a hungry man
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Out in the mystical hell hole of Minnesota, the Kings and the Wild get together for Thanksgiving. It is a time to be thankful for...stuff. It is also a time to eat a lot of food. Mostly that. So here's what they're bringing.

Jonathan Quick: Two 30-racks of Natty Ice. Also brought seasons 1 through 7 of "Family Guy", and some primo grade kush.

Zach Parise: Finely chopped up hundred dollar bills.

Trevor Lewis: Utah's finest. Sliced white bread with a side of vinegar.

Thomas Vanek: Continues to only bring unfulfilled expectations and letdowns.

Anze Kopitar: Whatever was in the trash cans outside.

Matt Cooke: Cooke brought one used napkin for his part. He generously offers to let everyone use it though.

Robyn Regehr: Peanuts. Since he looks like Dumbo, and elephants like peanuts and- You know what? Forget it. Moving on...

Jason Pominville: A big serving of Dustin Brown's elbow. He's a connoisseur after all.

Dwight King: A really lovely roasted asparagus and tomato penne salad with goat cheese. What else would you expect from Big Ol' Bear to bring for food? He's the definition of class.

preview 10/19

The Kings still have only won a single road game. They have lost a billion so far this year. I can't really explain it. Oh well. As for the lineup, turns out Alec Martinez still isn't quite ready. It also turns out, that Anze Kopitar's new linemates were a bit hit and miss. He was grouped with the youngsters, Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson, though the trio looked relatively harmless. Tanner Pearson appeared to have the roughest go of it, and Sutter started mixing the lines up again later into the game. Positives: Brayden McNabb continues to look better, and Marian Gaborik had one of his more effective games in recent memory. As for the lines, personally:





Now THAT is how you completely change lines with zero thought!

Prediction: Kings come out with this exact lineup, and lose 6-0.