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Ducks Gameday: Black Friday

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A look at what some of the Anaheim Ducks purchased during today's Black Friday deals. Blackhawls @ Ducks.

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It's Black Friday, the worst day of the year to be a retail worker. It's a big day where people who haven't heard of the internet go to ancient brick-and-mortar stores to buy crap for cheap.

The Ducks have a an early afternoon game against the Blackhawks today, so they all got their shopping done early. We met up with a few of them to see what they bought...

  • Frederik Andersen - His parents promised him that if he didn't throw a fit about sitting at the kids' table during Thanksgiving dinner again this year like last year's unsightly tantrum, they would buy him a special Black Friday gift. They bought him some LEGO. His favorite are the LEGO Star Wars.
  • Ryan Kesler - Subscription to Maxim Magazine
  • Clayton Stoner - Sweet kush, bruh.
  • Ryan Getzlaf - Promised to not go overboard on again this year, as last year he bought himself a pricey year's supply of Rogaine, which he later described as "inadequate."
  • Ben Lovejoy - The Simpsons, seasons 3-9, on BluRay
  • Corey Perry - Concerned about his proclivity to catch ancient diseases that really should be eradicated by now, Perry did not take part in the day's shopping events at all, mistakenly fearing that Black Friday might have something to do with the Black Death.


A Holiday Tradition!

Every year since 2008 (and a handful of times prior to that), the Anaheim Ducks have faced the Chicago Blackhawks on Black Friday. I'm not sure exactly why this is the case, so fill me in if there is some reasoning that I've missed all of these years. Anyway, once again, it's the Blackhawks on Black Friday...

Blackhawks (13 - 9) @ Ducks (14 - 9)

Friday, Nov 28, 2014, 1:00 PM PST

Honda Center


Historically, the Blackhawks appear to have the upper-hand in these Black Friday games, but since nothing makes any fucking sense in the NHL right now, I guess the Ducks pull it off. 4-3. GWG by Tim Jackman.