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Kings Gameday: These games don't matter

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Great defense out of Colin Fraser
Great defense out of Colin Fraser
Harry How

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It's game number whatever out of who gives a fuck for the regular season. The Kings haven't been great, but it doesn't mean shit. The Islanders may think this game is important, a chance to test themselves against the defending champions. Nope. It doesn't matter. The eastern conference is awful and the Islanders will probably make the playoffs, and the Kings just sort it make it despite playing like crap for huge stretches.

"Wah wah wah I'm a giant baby-person who pooped in my diaper. But the Islanders are real contenders now."

No. This is what happens when you look for them on Google maps with street view.

google street islanders

That's not a real team. That is a garbage truck and storage sheds. At least the Islanders offer nearby housing for their players, right? As for those players, the Islanders picked up quite a few spare parts. St. Louis' castoff goalie (for Brian Elliot!) with Jaroslav Halak. Chicago's Alec Martinez that isn't nearly as good as the real Alec Martinez with Nick Leddy. And Boston's Johnny Boychuk who was the guy that played with Zdeno Chara, and Chara is still so broken up about it he refuses to play anymore. Then there's the Maple Leafs' rejects. So, hey, maybe the regular season means something to the Islanders as they try to convince people they are an actual team that demands to be taken seriously.

But again, it doesn't matter. The Kings will sleepwalk through this game like every other game they've played so far this season, and the Islanders will play their little hearts out. And it's really cute of them. Because this is absolutely meaningless. The season doesn't really start until April. Ask anyone in Los Angeles. They'll be sure to tell you, "Who? The Kings? Oh yeah they won that cup thing a few years back, right?"

The Kings don't care about this shit right now, New York. They just finished a post-season of epic proportions and I'm still cleaning my underwear from it. Now is not the time for giving a damn. So what if Justin Williams is out because he lost an eyeball? Fine. Take as much time as necessary, Justin. Anze Kopitar is playing through injury? Sit down, Anze. Get better. Jonathan Quick is hungover? Keep drinking until Springtime, Johnny-Boy. Or you can be like Anaheim and San Jose and pretend the regular season means something.