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Kings Gameday: You're a bully

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Yeah, uh, ref, you really aren't close to the play there
Yeah, uh, ref, you really aren't close to the play there
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks are in what we like to politely call a "transition phase". In actual terms, their roster has a lot of players that are very young and aren't exceptional standouts. The other half of their roster is older, and may be sliding into decline *cough*Sedins*cough. Still, the Canucks are back to being a playoff team potentially, or at least look like one. One thing they never stopped being though was a big jerk-ass bully.

Back when the Canucks were actually dangerous and threatening, everyone fucking hated those guys. Teams would sit around just hoping some disaster would hit Vancouver, all while dreading actually having to deal with them. The Canucks for a while would beat you up and be obnoxious as hell, trademarks of any aspiring bully. But then they ran into another bully nobody liked with the Boston Bruins. I mean, no one likes them either. They just hate the Bruins a little less. So of course everyone enjoyed seeing the bully they hate the most get beat up finally, and then subsequently self-destruct like their name was Voltorb.

Vancouver did so in spectacular fashion. Getting dismantled by a lowly eighth seeded team, swept the year after that, and missing the playoffs outright last season. It's the equivalent of watching somebody in school show up to class half asleep, then strung out on codeine, and finally kicked out. Of course now it appears the Vancouver Canucks are back and "all cleaned up" now. They aren't the bullies they used to be. And they halfway mean it. Except they still carry a douche-air to them. There is still Kevin Bieksa and Alex Burrows. Plus, they don't even carry the best attribute of a bully now. They aren't remotely funny. Roberto Luongo got dumped like a girl on Prom night and replaced with super emotion lacking goalie Ryan Miller. All the while, they are trying to act like hot shit again, despite saying, "Oh yeah, we're different know. Hopefully we make the playoffs."

Fuck you.

preview 11/8

Robyn Regehr got hurt or something. Thanks to the Voynov issue, the Kings still can't really recall anyone. Here we go again. As for What Would Get'r Dunn Do? I suggest the Kings move Jarret Stoll back onto defense for a game or two. He's played the point on the power play and is a good enough two-way player. Good enough for me! It's either that or have Brayden McNabb play something like eight minutes again just to give the rest of the guys on defense an occasional water break. There's enough depth at center, and Mike Richards hasn't been terrible so why not? Sure, he's never played a game on the blue line before but if you watched Jack Johnson play for as long as I have, you'd say the same about him. Stoll has to be better than that, right? RIGHT.

Prediction: Stoll doesn't play defense, the Kings roll an extra forward with Nolan who only sees five minutes, and the defense gets tired. Kings lose 3-1, goal by Muzzin.