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Sharks Gameday: Where In The World Is Teuvo Teravainen?

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Once again, with the help of a childhood favorite, I will help locate a missing hockey player.

yours truly

I have been summoned to help the Chicago Blackhawks find one of their missing players. His name is Teuvo Teravainen. You may be asking, "who the hell is Teuvo Teravainen?" which means that you either probably don't have twitter or if you do have twitter, you don't follow Blackhawks fans. You see, Teuvo Teravainen is the greatest hockey forward to ever play the game. He made his NHL debut last season, nabbing a triumphant zero points. He is the answer to Chicago's embarrassing one year cup drought and he is nowhere to be found. I will use my handy ACME detective software via Windows 95 to find him.

Like our last adventure, I first must report to the scene of the crime.

Now that I'm in Chicago, it's time to start interviewing witnesses on the scene.

I'm still having trouble locating Teuvo. Thankfully, I have one more lead.

Thanks to my handy detective work, I was able to determine that Teuvo Teravainen is currently in the AHL and is not "NHL ready" but mostly it's because of the limited cap space that the Blackhawks have. If you're intrigued to learn more about this young buck, follow just about any Blackhawks fan on twitter dot com and they'll be sure to alert you anytime this guy winks or farts.


San Jose Sharks @ Chicago Blackhawks

4pm PST

Arkham Asylum



How about that game last night eh? For once the Sharks dominated and were able to score four unanswered goals in the third to make quite the comeback against those jerkface Stars. It was pretty damn great. Chicago is currently slumping and having trouble finding the back of the net. The Sharks *should* have momentum from a big game the night before and they *should* be able to capitalize on the Blackhawks' struggles, but it's the Sharks. Chicago wins 3-1. Matt Nieto (from Long Beach) gets a sad goal. Teuvo Teravainen goes pee and three-hundred Blackhawks fans live tweet it.

Setting the Tone:

Here's a good one from a band called Make Believe, a side-touring project of another band called Joan of Arc. Tim Kinsella was the front man and his brother Nate Kinsella was the drummer. They have another brother named Mike who is also awesome, and I'll save his music for another Chicago gameday. Together, these three brothers have somewhere around 720 different bands and they're all great.

Tweet of the Day:

I could not agree more.

Awful Hockey Tattoo of the Day: