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Ducks Gameday: Battle of California Comments of the Week (Week 5)

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A look at the best comments of the past week (11/2/2014 - 11/8/2014) before we head in to tonight's Canucks @ Ducks game.

This is a reoccurring weekly feature that awards the "El Burrito de la Victoria" trophy to the comments with the most amount of reader "recommendations" from the prior week. All recommendations are tallied the night before this feature is posted. With any luck, this will encourage you to not only comment more often, but to be funnier.

Anaheim plays the Canucks tonight, which reminds me of some sad news that broke a couple of days ago: Vancouver's Green Men Are Retiring.

The Green Men left us with a lot of great memories, and here's a list of all of our favorite moments, in headline form, of their run:

Alright then, let's move along to what you're here for today...

Comments of the Week
11/2/2014 - 11/8/2014

The Best

This week we have a two way tie! But since I'm one of the winners and I have a history of dominating these Burrito things since I'm the funniest dude here, I'll let my co-winner take home the trophy.

In response to another commenter posting a 1200 x 1070 pixel image...

I’m having a hard time seeing this, do you have a larger version?

And then me, in response to my predecessor disagreeing with me...


Thus fulfilling HiYonKrak's prophecy.

Congrats, Steve-R!

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other highly-rec'd comments of the past week...

Dunn tries his hand at a corporate sponsored Canucks jersey, which is fitting as today's Gameday opponent:

An old friend makes a surprise visit, and agrees with a different commenter who feels there are too many poor people around Battle of California...


A callback to all of the infestation of miserable Minnesotans commenting on our site from a couple weeks ago:


Land of 10,000 Crappy Comments

As well as..

If my boss knew how long I spent on that Wild thread I would probably be fired.

Battle of California: We'll Get You FiredTM

The Worst Comment of the Week

...As selected by me, arbitrarily.

Actually, you all did pretty well this week. Nothing too horrid stands out. In the spirit of, uh, Veteran's day, I guess, I will not name a worst comment of the week. Way to go, team!


Canucks (10 - 5) @ Ducks (10 - 5)

Sunday, Nov 9, 2014, 6:00 PM PST

Honda Center


Vancouver just got their ass handed to them in LA, so they'll probably come back with a vengeance in Anaheim. Ducks lose 4-1, Ryan Kesler is murdered by a former teammate.