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Kings Gameday: Do you want to play with Subban?

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This is a "Frozen" reference

Great use of resources
Great use of resources
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Do you wanna play with Subban?
Come on lets go and play
We see you maybe once at least
Stuck in the East
It's like you don't exist
You did get to win the Norris
And Drew has not
I wish the voters would tell me why!
Do you wanna play with Subban?
It doesn't have to be with Emelin.


Do you wanna play with Subban?
Or skate around the Bell?
I think a 93 rematch is overdue
Without a McSorley excuse
Maybe actually Price will play-
(Fucking Chris Kreider!)
It gets a little boring
All these easy Finals

Just watching these overtime goals-
(Jazz-hands, Jazz-hands, Jazz-hands, Jazz-hands,)

Do you wanna play with Subban?

preview canadiens

Prediction: Disney hits me with a cease and desist.