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Ducks Gameday: Evander Kane's Haircuts

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Here is some of the stuff Evander Kane has shaved in to his hair. Ducks @ Jets.

Kane's Twitter

Guys, I got pretty busy last night and ran out of time to write a decent post, so thank god this is one of those weekend games which no one visits the site for.

As I've discussed before, I love Evander Kane, despite some not so good hits lately, mainly because he drives stupid racist Winnipeggers crazy. Kane is back from his suspension just in time to face the Ducks once again, and perhaps maybe earn another suspension.

Anyway, to celebrate Kane together, let's looks at some of his amazing haircuts that he was nice enough to share with us over the past couple years...

#EST.1991 #freshcut

A photo posted by Evander Kane (@evander9kane) on

... Oh, wait, so that's it?

Fuck, I was hoping there'd be a lot more.

I guess not.

What a shitty post. Whoops.


Ducks (20 - 11) @ Jets (15 - 15)

Saturday, Dec 13, 2014, 4:00 PM PST

MTS Centre


Kane does something stupid and gets suspended again, but hopefully not something so stupid that I don't like him anymore.