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Kings Gameday: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Me yesterday
Me yesterday
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a pretty...eventful day for hockey. There's the never ending mumps outbreak sweeping the league, the never ending search for a head coach to play Jesus for the Edmonton Oilers, and then the really awful stuff. Yeah, the Voynov stuff. His hearing was finally held, and the investigation conducted finally made public the more...detailed aspects. If you really want that, go look at a more reputable website (like TMZ). If you're annoyed that I'm not rehashing the case here, then what the fuck are you doing here looking for news?

Instead of talking about that and getting bummed out about the terrible things that occur everyday in society, even with the athletes we admire and adore, I decided to devote resources elsewhere. A totally great idea! Let's just look at some pictures of dogs instead! Everyone loves dogs!

backes hunting

Look at this cute pooch. So much for not jumping on the furniture! And-

Hey. Who's that back there? And why are they sneaking around?

backes cooking

Oh no it's David Backes. David, stop. What are you doing? David, please. They aren't for that. They're pets, for god's sake.

backes eating

No no no. This was a terrible idea.

preview 10/16

Speaking of deplorable awful things and the mumps, the Kings are in St. Louis to conclude their shitty road trip. Things have not gone well for them, picking up only three points out of eight so far, in some games they really should have been winning. But dems da breaks. As for Voynov, he's going to trial. I'm sure it's the Christmas special we were all anticipating. Hopefully this all gets sorted out with the justice system, as it has been so far (a real Christmas miracle!). Lord knows this is bound to be a total clusterfuck when the NHL has to figure out what to do afterwards.

Prediction: I don't know. Someone scores a billion.