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Kings Gameday: Eight Crazy Nights

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Get it? #8? You know? Ah, fuck it.
Get it? #8? You know? Ah, fuck it.
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It's not Christmas yet, morons. It is however Hanukkah time! Or is it Chanukah? Whatever. Appropriately, the Kings are playing against the Flames of Calgary here on the seventh night of Chanukah. Hanukkah of course is the festival of lights, not to be confused with the Lights Festival in Chicago or Las Vegas. The holiday celebrates fuel efficiency during a religious war. Or something. At least it doesn't create a mash up holiday from pagan traditions and a Dutch folktale.

Anyways, Chanukah reflects back on the time a fire stayed lit irrationally long (eight days!), even though no one thought it would last even twenty-four hours. Ironically though, the Flames are in the midst of a losing streak that is now, you guessed it, eight games long. They started the season incredibly hot, doing far better than anyone anticipated. I myself had them pegged to finish last. To be fair, I also had the Oilers finishing fourth in the division, so...yeah, there's that. So instead the Flames are having their miracle start burn out (pun intended).

The first loss wasn't shocking. A 3-2 loss against the Sharks. But Calgary had been rolling prior to that, riding a five game winning streak. They had beaten the Canadiens, Blackhawks, Ducks, and Sharks. Up next were Toronto and Buffalo. Calgary should be able to right the ship.

And then the Flames lost both of those. It was beginning to look like maybe they were the crappy Flames we all expected. Then came Pittsburgh. Then Chicago. And the Rangers. Finally the Stars. The Flames only managed to score five goals in those four games and lost all of those also. They went to play their Canadian rivals in Vancouver. They promptly fell behind 2-0, thanks it part to scoring on their own net. But then it looked like the streak was ending. Calgary rebounded and tied the game. Only to promptly lose in overtime. Their losing streak by some miracle reached eight games. Mazel tov!

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The Kings won again, thanks in large part to me and my creativity. The 100 Line (TM) / JAM Line (TM) came through big once more. You're welcome. Fox Sports West talked about it, had it up on a graphic, and Jim Fox even mentioned the line names. He also credited them to other people so what the fuck? God dammit, I don't have much in life. I need this.

Prediction: Since the eight crazy losses are over, the Flames win. 5-3. Goals by Clifford, and Carter (x2).