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Sharks Gameday: Nice

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Being nice is way more satisfying than being a meanie poopy pants

The boys celebrating being nice
The boys celebrating being nice
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It's pretty obvious that Santa Claus will be making his way down the chimney of the SAP Center to leave Brent Burns some dragon toys and Tomas Hertl a gift card to Dave and Buster's. The Sharks are generally Nice Boys, especially in comparison to their Southern California rivals, who are big jerkfaces.

The Sharks currently rank at number 12 amongst the teams for most PIM minutes, which is pretty good considering how many mean players on other teams try to coax them into being assholes. They are tied for fourth in the league for most fighting majors but that's because John Scott Polices The Ice when the refs are not doing their job.

A majority of their other penalties are delay of game because they are lovable goofballs. We shouldn't even call delay of game a penalty, it should be called an oopsie! Everyone commits oopsies at times and it's typically very cute.

Patrick Marleau was nominated for the Lady Byng trophy, which is an award for players who are the nicest on the ice, twice in his career so far. You don't see any of the jerks on the Ducks getting that nomination. He would have won the award but he instead gave another player the opportunity to win. Patrick Marleau also did volunteer work at a homeless shelter that caught on fire and then saved everyone inside of the burning building while drinking a chocolate milk with a funny straw. Nicest. Guy. Ever.

Tomas Hertl and Matt Nieto spend their free time helping little old ladies (hi Angy) cross the street. Joe Thornton donates 70% of his salary to various charities that help needy children. Marc-Eduoard Vlasic has about 300 rescued dogs. Mike Brown has an illegal fighting operation but donate the proceeds to stem cell research.

Think of all the cool presents that Santa is going to bring these Nice Boys because they are on the good list. Being nice is way better than being naughty and spearing people in the dick. Happy Holidays, everyone!


San Jose Sharks @ Anaheim Ducks

7:00pm PST

Away Fans Arena



John Scott: Ice Cop is on patrol and he gets suspended for 6 games. Sharks somehow win again without Mike Brown, 5-2. Hat trick from John Scott, Tommy Wingels x2.

Setting the Tone:

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The only good Christmas song.

Tweet of the Day:

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Awful Hockey Tattoo of the Day:

By getting the Ducks logo tattooed on the hand, it ensures that no employer will ever hire you because well, Ducks fan.