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Sharks Gameday: San Jose's Resolutions

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Now let's see how the Sharks will come up short next year.

lol ya rite
lol ya rite
the score

Before tonight's game, we asked some peeps about their New Year's Resolutions.

Joe Thornton

He's finally going to get the elusive rooster trick.

Patrick Marleau

He's finally going to get Jeremy Roenick to go to the county fair with him.

Barclay Goodrow*

He's finally going to demand satisfaction and duel Otto von Bismarck.

Raffi Torres

He's finally going to play hockey again and see if he can get more suspensions than John Scott this season.

Matt Nieto

He's finally going to reveal that he is from Long Beach, California.

Logan Couture

He's finally going to stop being a pissbaby.

Tomas Hertl

He's finally going to watch his first PG-13 movie without covering his eyes.

Joe Pavelski

He's finally going to be the first superhero to become Team Captain.

Alex Stalock

He's finally going to get the starting position--He's going to be the guy who turns on the boat when he goes fishing.

John Scott

He's finally going to get 69 suspensions in one year.

Mike Brown

He's finally going to become Playoff Two-Time Goal Scorer, Mike Brown.

Micheal Haley

He's finally going to start spelling his name right.

Tommy Wingels

He's finally going to switch from a sippy cup to a Big Boy cup.

Brent Burns

He's finally going to pursue panhandling full time during the offseason.

Scott Hannan

He's just going to continue being terrible.

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

He's finally going to teach his dogs how to ice skate.

Doug Wilson

He's finally going to figure out how to get rid of his two best players.

And the team resolution is.....

Try super hard not to blow a 3-0 lead.

*When I went to write Barclay Goodrow, I first wrote Goodrow Wilson, which is now his new name.

Sharks Gameday!

San Jose Sharks @ Anaheim Ducks

5:00pm PST (so dumb)

Da Ponda Center



The Sharks finish off the year by doing what they do best--blowing a 3-0 lead. Sharks lose, 4-3. Goals from Andrew Desjardins, Micheal Haley, and Tye McGinn.

Setting the Tone:

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