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Sharks Gameday: Battle of Albarfa

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Blah blah blah

WAIT. Uh. Oh.
WAIT. Uh. Oh.
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Hello folks!

I wrote a post yesterday morning when I was at the airport for this weekend's games but got too drunk and it was embarrassing. I'm currently in Calgary, where the Sharks happen to play tonight and then tomorrow, I head to Edmonton where the Sharks also happen to play. Why I'm going to the games? Not sure. I'm pretty certain they are going to lose both of them. It'll be cool to get drunk in new arenas, though. I'm cold and tired. It's the weekend, you don't care anyway. No post tomorrow. Have fun!



San Jose Sharks @ Calgary Flames

7:00pm PST




San Jose Sharks @ Edmonton Oilers

6:00pm PST




Sharks are riding a winning streak and they are for sure going to lose both of these games. It's fact.