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Update on The Hockey Saint Retro-Style Game Tournament

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Followup on a post from this off-season. Go win some money.

In August, I wrote about a retro-style, web-based hockey video game that you could play for money setup to promote a graphic novel I later reviewed. The date had to be pushed back some fo the game tournament, so I wanted to shoot out a quick update now that the date is finalized. On December 13th, from noon Eastern Standard Time to midnight EST (that's 9 AM - 9 PM for us folks in the superior Pacific timezone).

Start practicing before the tournament by playing the game here. It's free to play and join the tournament, and you can win $100.

My initial review of the game can be found here, and the details on the tournament from the book publisher's Facebook are below:

To celebrate the release October release of "The Hockey Saint" graphic novel and also "The Hockey Saint" Arcade game (our retro, 8-bit) online hockey game, we are holding a tournament on Saturday, December 13th from Noon EST to Midnight EST. The players with the 3 highest goal differential final scores against the computer opponent will win gift certificates. 1st place will receive a $100 gift cert, 2nd place will win a $75 gift cert and 3rd place gets a $50 gift cert. There will be a second drawing for a $100 Visa gift card for anyone who buys "The Hockey Saint" paper or e-book from Amazon or from the Animal Media Group site store.

Go to on 12/13 and play against the computer opponent try and rack up as many goals as you can and there will be a button that you can press and it will send me your score. If you prefer to take a screen capture and email that to me at that is fine as well. On Monday, Dec 15 I will post the winners here. Same thing with the drawing for the $100 Visa gift card, buy "The Hockey Saint" from Noon EST to Midnight EST and email me a copy of the reciept or order form etc and you will be placed in a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card.

If you have any questions, please email me (Howard Shapiro) at

Thank you and Good Luck!!
The Hockey Saint