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Kings Gameday: Bowls of Super

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L.A. doesn't really have a football team, so this will have to do
L.A. doesn't really have a football team, so this will have to do
Stephen Dunn

Yep, it's time for the "Big Game". How does this relate to the Kings? It doesn't really. Maybe one could make the comparison that the Kings are a defensive juggernaut like the Seattle Seahawks, but lately Los Angeles looks rather vulnerable on that end. They play a defensive system, but their defending could improve some. Both their offensives are a joke. I mean Russel Wilson? Watching him play makes what the Seahawks have done pretty remarkable. If the Kings make it to the Finals I guess we can say the same about Jake Muzzin. I guess the Flyers and Broncos are comparable since they both wear orange.

But again, really, there's not much of a comparison. Between that and the fact the Kings are driving me completely insane with this skid they are in, I'd rather talk about something else. Yes, hockey is my main sport. But I see other sports (sorry baby). I'm just not a one sport only type of guy. It's just nice to break up the same with something different. Something foreign-ish like soccer. Something boring like baseball. Something ethnic like basketball. So yeah, I watch football from time to time. And ten bucks says you are watching the Super Bowl Large Championship Professional Football Game of 2014. Don't say you are watching for the commercials also, you sheep. "Ooooooh but I loved being advertised to." Advertise this.


Except for In-N-Out and Coors Light, the official burger and beer of Battle of California.

This Sunday is basically a national holiday, so enjoy it. Do what America loves best: Sit on your ass and watch T.V. It's what thousands upon thousands have died defending. If I had to pick a team to win, it's probably Philadelphia Denver. The Kings Seahawks can't score enough to keep pace. Still, at least they beat their loser rivals in northern California.

Next Game

Philadelphia Flyers
@ Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Feb 1, 2014, 1:00 PM PST

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Jerk-Off 2014

Today the Flyers come to play the Kings since Los Angeles got Jeff Carter. While the game in Philadelphia in March is likely to be a far bigger deal, it should be interesting to watch. Except that this game involves the Kings and they have been excruciatingly bad and boring to watch. I won't get to see it however (thank god) since I will be working. Anyways, the Flyers are a team that revels in being a bunch of jerks, but this list only has one name that WILL definitely win.

Ray Emery

This isn't racist, he attacked a white guy!

Scott Hartnell

Yo, Scottie, fuck your wife, homie. Carter has.

Adam Hall

He looks like Todd from Breaking Bad and he is a mean psycho.


Chris Pronger

He's still on the roster and he is without a doubt still the biggest jerk in the league. "Oh, but he's hurt." Nope. Fuck you. Pronger's the worst and he looks like a vending machine. Sorry for the head injuries, sucker.

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