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Circle of Jerks: Meg on Jer

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I asked Jer some Olympic-themed questions for this very special Olympic-themed Circle of Jerks.

Grab for glory.
Grab for glory.

To celebrate Black History month, I sent a few questions over to Jer. He managed to answer them all while covered in the feces and vomit of his young infant child, so that's impressive I guess.

1. Outside of the United States and Canada, which team are you rooting for in Olympic hockey?

It would be be nice to see Selanne with a gold medal, so watching Finland make it all the way would be cool. Or Latvia or something because why not?

2. What is one aspect of Olympic play you'd like to see the NHL adopt?

I know a lot of people think it'd be nice to see the NHL adopt the larger ice surface, and ultimately they're probably right, but it's not going to happen any time soon because of the upfront cost and loss of some premium seat sales for each club. It'd also cut back on the physicality of the game so maybe we should just instead shrink the ice surface and make players battle to make any sort of real movement, like an ice skating moshpit. On a different note, I'm not a big fan of no-touch icing, but I think I'm becoming even less of a fan of hybrid icing. If we're going to do something, let's not sit on the fence about it; just go to no-touch already if we're not going back to traditional icing.

3. At gunpoint, you're forced to compete in a Winter Olympic event of your choice. What would you choose? And what event would you NEVER choose?

I don't know man, curling seems like one of those things that's probably more enjoyable to play the more drunk you are (like bowling or shooting pool or getting through my work week), so maybe that. And even though it's a winter thing and it'll be cold on the ice, it's indoors still and I imagine not as freezing as any of the sports you have to actually do in the snow, outdoors where the temperature is in the negatives. So I would never choose a sport like Skiing, which I'm in direct contact with snow and definitely falling down a lot. And crying.

Thanks to Jer for abandoning his son long enough to do his damn job for once.