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Circle of Jerks: Jer on Meg

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We can't stop, it feels so good.

Letting it dangle.
Letting it dangle.

After such great response to last week's Circle of Jerks, we return once again to satisfy ourselves (and you the reader). This time I got to aks Megalodon questions, so I didn't even have to edit his answers for... coherenty?

That's not a word.

Here's what Meg had to say...

Now that you've had the opportunity to see all of the teams in action, who do you think has the best shot at the gold? Has this opinion changed as the tournament progressed?

Coming into the Olympics I thought Canada was the favorite for gold, and that opinion hasn't changed. They haven't won by as big of margins as I expected, but they are still the best team on paper, and their luck is due to change.

Do you think NHL teams should adopt the practice of Japan's women's Olympic hockey team of bowing to each other to celebrate a goal? Or how about Japan's practice of yaeba?

The bowing was cool, but I'm not sure about Yaeba. There's such a thing as TOO MUCH semen, you know?

So that's what gets their fangs so sharp!

Should we do something about Dunn? I'm worried about him.

Dunn is the Department of Homeland Security's problem now. We've done all we can.

I bet you're all very happy that the Olympics are almost over so that we can get back to our regularly scheduled BoC programming!