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Circle of Jerks: Dunn on Jer

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It takes an Olympic Village

Runner up jerker
Runner up jerker

Another week, another (a)rousing circle with the jerks. This time around, I get the unremarkable privilege of having Jer answer some questions. So, here we go.

1. Corey Perry only has one assist in the Olympics, and no goals. What’s his deal? He just sucks doesn’t he?

Perry doesn't waste his talent on non-elimination games. The crotch-spearing won't start until the quarterfinal.

Probably against Jonathan Quick, no less.

2. Team USA went into the Olympics as the team to out douche. Have they been as annoying as you expected, and is that a good or bad thing for them at this point?

Much like with Perry, I don't think these things really start to surface until there is more on the line. Now that teams will be fighting for survival, you'll really start to notice the douchiness frothing to the top. I'll withold my judgment until the quarterfinals, but really it's the semifinals that will open up the douchegates.

I don't know Team USA has been pretty douchey so far. That Dustin Brown guy seems like a real troublemaker especially.

3. I surpassed you in twitter followers. Is life worth living anymore?

Well, Texas Governor Rick Perry has far more followers than either of us, and we all know what an unbelievable prick he and everyone else in Texas are, so that you have two more followers than me isn't saying much. Having said that, everyone please follow me on twitter @JerMeansWell or I'll kill myself.

Rick Perry is a hero, you ass. He's proof you don't have to have intelligence higher than a house plant to govern a state. That being said, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the 909. They'll elect anybody, probably.