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Circle of Jerks: Meg on Dunn

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I'm the Circle of Jerks champion!

Start the anthem!
Start the anthem!

In honor of the Olympics or whatever, I asked Dunn some Olympic-themed questions about the Olympics:

Q1. Isn't True Detective awesome?

Dunn: True Detective isn't awesome. It is fucking incredible. Wonderfully shot, terrific acting, and a complex amount of character layers and development that is rare in mainstream media. The "mythology" behind the murders is really interesting too, and is a great use of The King in Yellow. Way less heavy handed than Hannibal, The Killing, and whatever that show with Kevin Bacon was called where the killers are obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe. True Detective is kind of like the Slovenian hockey team with Matjaz Kopitar being the great brains behind it. They are also exciting to watch, full of ups and downs (like the characters), and you hope their run never ends. Of course it is ending very soon though.

Q2. Who is your favorite character on True Detective?

Dunn: Of course it's between Marty (Woody Harrelson) and Rust (Matthew McConaughey). Marty is a mess and just doesn't realize it so it is fun/agonizing to watch him self-destruct, sort of like the Canadian hockey team with Chris Kunitz and Sidney Crosby. Rust is acutely aware he has a ton of problems, and while his cynical and narcissistic behavior can be a bit much, it's great to wonder how far his mind is lost. Kind of like the Russian team's attitude. I'd have to say Rust is my favorite character though because he is such a open to view basket case.

Q3. What is your favorite Olympic sport aside from hockey?

Dunn: Watching True Detective. I'm pretty sure I could win a gold at that. Also the biatholon is kind of cool because it is so damn weird. "Here, go cross-country skiing and shoot stuff." They should have something like that in the summer Olympics. Maybe where you run 800 meters and then have to stab someone. They can call it the "OJ". The event ends when you sell your medal and have to steal it back.

I liked Hannibal, but other than that Dunn made some great points.